Goa is a beautiful place with all its beaches which are tranquil and breathtaking. Goa is a state which is famous for sightseeing and adventure activities in the azure waves at beautifully untouched beaches. Nothing can be more peaceful than sitting at the seashore alone and seeing the water coming to your legs and going back. In that way, Panaji is situated in North Goa, which is quite famous for its culture and vibe. Various bars are available at Panaji, and in the nighttime, a party with a token of Rs. 500 per person gives a vibe of being in Goa. Thrilling splashing water adventure: One of the most visited beaches in Goa for thrilling adventures is Palolem beach, south Goa. Speed boat in Goa is a marvellous activity, and with friends, it gives next-level fun. The gushing water with a high speed makes it an exhilarating adventure that attracts international tourists to visit Goa. The time allotted for the 2-way speed boat ride is for 2 hours. After this, you can sit at the open restaurant on the beach for some delicious seafood. Holiday at Goa is incomplete until and unless you have tried scuba diving in Goa at Grande Island. You will feel the water hitting your legs and going back. I remember my trip when I asked the instructor for takeoff, and I safely landed at the fishes' grand mansion; I felt like they had invited me to swim like them! 'Floating like a hollow, weightless body felt like I am a bird in the air, flying here and there. Not with birds, not with aeroplanes but with lots of fishes.' Now it's your time to make your Goa trip memorable with these thrilling adventures and beautiful sightseeings.

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