Who We Are ?

Yatharoop is Marketplace for Natural, Herbal, Sustainable, Hand crafted, Animal Friendly, Environment Friendly, Healthy & Non Toxic products & services which don’t need any Branding to sell its Super Highest Quality things; which are sourced or harvested without use of Bioengineered Genes (GMOs), Synthetic Fertilisers, Synthetic Pesticides, Synthetic Herbicides, Synthetic Antibiotics, Synthetic Steroid / Hormone or Any other Synthetic chemical.

We work for Nutrition, Healthcare & Sanitation through our healthiest products & services. And support Self reliant local Living economy where Natural intelligence is preferred to Automation & Artificial intelligence hence everything is handcrafted and hand driven tools are preferred to power operated machines because of Renewable energy. Superiority of Agricultural & Cottage Industries to Hybrid & Industrial Products provide Employment to everyone by Reducing Unemployment & Poverty due to industrialisation & Hi-tech machines. Which results in Equal distribution of income & Right price for product and creates Equality & social justice. Yatharoop also empowers individuals, households or cottage industries by supporting them in Skill Development learning, training, Production, Packaging, Compliance, Marketing, Sales, Logistics & various other activities.

“ We Understand the ecology and know the Indigenous Inheritance property of Nature. Hence everything is locally & natively grown & sourced Directly from farmer & Makers and not imported through foreign Traders & Corporations; customers get authentic product and services at genuine price.”

Yatharoop Respect the life, hence make sure that everything produced is Animal Friendly & cruelty Free and does not contain Gelatin, Meat & Slaughter By Products. None of our products include Hazardous & Toxic Heavy Metals & are Sustainable & Environment Friendly because of Zero waste & Closed loop Production. It help to Reduce Air, Water, Soil, land & Noise Pollution, Water Scarcity, Global Warming & Climate change and does not create any Industrial waste & water wastage



Healthy & Non Toxic


100% plant based


Environment friendly

Hand Creafted

Made by hand